Tony Nominee Saycon Sengbloh Stars in “The Wonder Years” ABC

Photo of family & friends in the living room . Saycon Sengbloh wears beon green skirt and jacket

“After a very long career on Broadway! Its so exciting to be have a fun television show & work alongside Elisha Williams, Dule Hill, & Laura Kariuki! Will you be watching?” xoxo 💋 Saycon Sengbloh The Williams family are Elisha Williams, Dule Hill, Laura Kariuki, & Saycon Sengbloh. Also starring friends, Amari O’Neil, Milan Rae, … Read moreTony Nominee Saycon Sengbloh Stars in “The Wonder Years” ABC

Move Girl, Move


Hey friends! Its been a while and so much has changed! Some of you who follow my YouTube channel know that I moved! Yes, really, I moved–I moved, girl, I moved ??‍♀️! I recently relocated to an entirely different city and relocations can take a lot of time and effort. Especially for someone in a … Read moreMove Girl, Move

My Personal Uniform: Minimalism & Celebrity

*Apologies if photos appear sideways in your browser. We are working to fix this issue. Try to view on a different browser or device!??‍?* ?It is true that when it rains it pours I found myself attending several amazing events in one week, yes, in one week. Being the un-famous actress that I am there … Read moreMy Personal Uniform: Minimalism & Celebrity

Saycon Sengbloh: Fox’s The Passage

In case you missed it last week I appeared on the Fox television show The Passage as Jeanette Bellafonte the mother of a little Amy Bellafonte the beloved heroine of the series. I got a lot of love on Instagram and Facebook much thanks to friends and family! I filmed that episode in Atlanta and … Read moreSaycon Sengbloh: Fox’s The Passage

The New SayconTalks: The Official Saycon Sengbloh Blog has moved to ! Check out our new digs! has a new look, new entertaining  content, and also features the vlog “SayconTalks TV” our newest addition to serving you the latest interviews and motivation. Enjoy comment, comment, comment! Add your name to our mailing list and subscribe to  and see Saycon Sengbloh in … Read moreThe New SayconTalks: The Official Saycon Sengbloh Blog