Saycon near Brooklyn Children's Museum
Saycon near Brooklyn Children’s Museum

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Saycon Sengbloh is an actress, vocalist, podcast presenter, culture & wellness enthusiast, HONEYWAX exec, and overall motivator. Shewill be featured in Aretha Franklin biopic, RESPECT!  You can see her on CW show “In the Dark,” “The Passage,” and  Ernest Dickerson film “Double Play” ( Dubbelspel) and she is the voice of Rose the Madam of the saloon on voice game Westworld the Maze featured on  Amazon Echo devices . In her spare time she looks for ways to enjoy life more. For a daily account of her escapades follow her on Twitter and Instagram visit  SayconSengbloh.com

“SayconTalks is a chance for my voice to be heard online, to talk about things and fellowship with many. Finding your voice is important. Vlogging is a fun platform for me I’m often asked about the behind the scenes life of a working entertainer and asked for advice from other actors, so I’m here to give it. The “SayconTalks” blog has been around for a few years as a platform about my comings and goings but spring on 2019 introduces the saycontalks podcast available on iTunes, Google, Amazon, and  other podcast platforms! In the upcoming weeks I’m changing it up around here. I’m answering questions. Everyday in my journey I meet students, writers, wardrobe people, hair/makeup designers all types seeking advice about working on Broadway or transitioning between theater and film. Well, I’m no expert but  I’ve got a little bit of experience doing modern musicals and a heart full of stories. I’d love to help others to NOT make the mistakes I’ve made and  I just want to talk about whats on my mind. Its casual and personal! Check back frequently to see website changes and what I’m working on, over the next few weeks the new stories, and vlogs will be revealed more fun times and pics on snapchat app. Scan the pic to follow me on snapchat!


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Along with a little behind the scenes blogging as I experience the opening of a new show: The Secret Life of Bees.”


This is truly what I call:


In the upcoming months this blog will explore answering the following topics:

  • Have you ever considered a career in theatre?
  • What’s it like to date in the entertainment industry?
  • How do I keep my voice strong 8 shows a week?
  • How do I maintain my personal health and relationships when opening a show?
  • Are you a parent who is considering getting back into the business?
  • Do you want to know what its like to be in a Broadway show?
  • Have you come out of a conservatory theatre program and find yourself asking the question:”Now what?”
Enjoy SayconTalks.com !!!
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