Move Girl, Move

Hey friends! Its been a while and so much has changed!

Some of you who follow my YouTube channel know that I moved! Yes, really, I moved–I moved, girl, I moved ??‍♀️! I recently relocated to an entirely different city and relocations can take a lot of time and effort. Especially for someone in a business who uses, talent and energy as a creative. The idea of starting over in the middle of a pandemic, wooo chile ?! Learn a little bit more about my move check out the video below! On SayconTalks Youtube Channel!

I arrived in my new state and I decided to quarantine so that I can be healthy and in compliance! This was the first time I ordered Amazon groceries and it was a good experience very convenient. I know that a lot of people are not into deliveries and just like you, I’d like to pick my own fruit, but I could not beat the convenience. Click here to try Amazon groceries . I now use them pretty regularly especially when it’s a busy time. I pretty much stayed in the house as much as possible, except for the times when I would leave to take a walk and get some fresh air.

I only had one or two friends here, at the time, so it was pretty easy to not be social, plus, I am a bit of a homebody. I wanted to take the time to decide on my next steps. The funny thing is, before I arrived I imagined things would be very slow because of quarantine. But, boy , was I wrong! Auditions kicked up and there I was doing self tapes by myself or with a friend on the phone I had to be sure to have a ring light for every situation. I was gifted a larger one last year–and I decided to get a smaller one for my live video conference opportunities. In those early days of quarantine everything was zoom zoom zoom! There’s not many people –who don’t know this video app– many people have been using replace in person meetings.

Sometimes, I still can’t believe- I moved during quarantine and finally , finally tried Amazon! Me who, Saycon, the girl who also gets overwhelmed with online shopping. Check out my moving video on Youtube and let me know what you think in the comments! Can you guess where I moved?




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