Photo of family & friends in the living room . Saycon Sengbloh wears beon green skirt and jacket

Tony Nominee Saycon Sengbloh Stars in “The Wonder Years” ABC

from left: Elisha “EJ” Williams, Laura Kariuki, Saycon Sengbloh , & Dule Hill

“After a very long career on Broadway! Its so exciting to be have a fun television show & work alongside Elisha Williams, Dule Hill, & Laura Kariuki! Will you be watching?”

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Saycon Sengbloh

The Williams family are Elisha Williams, Dule Hill, Laura Kariuki, & Saycon Sengbloh. Also starring friends, Amari O’Neil, Milan Rae, & Julian Lerner! And fantastic guest stars every week– including recurring actors, Allen Maldonado, & Charity Jordan.

Tune in Wednesday nights at 8:30PM on ABC to watch “The Wonder Years” and Stream on HULU!

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