Saycon Sengbloh as Rita Marley

Rita Marley
Rita Marley
Bob and Rita Marley perform during Peace Concert

Catching folks up and getting my blog up to date. Its been a while and while some are on the mailing lists, others have subscribed to the blog as well and I cannot let the days pass by without sharing some pics! I take so many pics that never see the light of day!

Saycon Sengbloh to play Rita Marley
Saycon Sengbloh to play Rita Marley

As I prepared to share my Opening night pics from Marley I realized I never posted the announcement that was in the show to my blog readers. We’re still building our readership so I can’t let that slip through the cracks. The last post announced Mitchell Brunings as Marley, but  waiting on clearance, I didn’t let you guys know that I’m in the show as well playing Rita Marley in the Baltimore US premiere of MARLEY.  A beautiful strong show about Bob Marley and his times in Jamaica, and London pre and post an assassination attempt on his life. In the play, I’m thrilled to  play the role of Rita Marley, Bob Marley’s wife and mother of several of his children, and performer in his touring and recording band.


This role is one of my favorites so far as I’ve learned so much more about Bob and Rita Marley, who’s music I admired greatly before.  I’ve also gotten a deeper understanding of some of their spiritual beliefs and an enhanced world view as well, absolutely enhanced. Now I’m  in the beautiful and passionate city of Baltimore, Maryland performing in Marley: written by Kwame Kweigh-Armah. I don’t think words can describe what its been like to be here during a time of civil unrest and change in this harbor city. Being in rehearsal for a play about a man who was passionate about human rights, as people protested the horrible untimely death of Freddie Gray, while in police custody, did not escape irony for us in the least bit. Personally, it was quite difficult to be an artist stuck inside rehearsing and not be a part! So with permission and encouragement from our company, and our director, we took to the streets to uplift and share a little music, a little inspiration. We sang in front of the CVS  area that had been under fire and great duress in days previous.

Saycon Sengbloh Aljazeera with cast of Marley
Susan Kelechi Watson, Saycon Sengbloh, & Crystal Joy and Cast of MARLEY sing to uplift protest with music



I pray you will venture to Baltimore and see this show, Marley currently playing through June 14th at Baltimore Center Stage. 

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