My New Orleans Birthday

Happy Birthday to me! (work progress on image flip issues, new blog site in the works)

As I prepare to begin a new project that is going to be a major part of my life, with a lot of work and energy, I decided to celebrate my birth anniversary.

I decided to take a trip to one of my favorite places: New Orleans! There is Wonderful spirit in the city and lots of great food!
It was a special trip for me. Wish I could share it all– but I’ll share a few photos here!

I love to go to Frenchmen street in New Orleans— the music there is live and real.
I find the bands in New Orleans are so delicious and have many an awesome vibe!
Vintage Blues
And of course Jazz
I’m waiting on additional video from the music I heard when I get it I will insert it here!????
Nothing like this time of the year, birthday time coming around, for people to ask you was your sign?… The question is always what’s  your sign… And then it turns into someone making a huge summation about who you are based off of the day you were born. Not that I have anything against horoscopes or astrology…? But many people make these huge summations about others and they have no understanding that there is so much more to it than just your sun sign. There’s a moon sign there’s an ascendant and there are so many other systems of astrology at work in the universe. So I generally don’t engage in those conversations unless I have the energy for it.
I enjoyed myself very much. I’m coming into my own. #grownwoman 

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