Saycon VintagePopSoul & The Dallas Cabaret Festival

In late August on the penultimate eve of hot girl summer, the sexy warm heat and tender sunset was a perfect backdrop, for VintagePopSoul.

I sang on this balmy evening alongside the shores of White Rock Lake at the Bathhouse Cultural Center. That afternoon before the show began I witnessed a small group of women gathering to meditate and speak their dreams and I also witnessed a surprise proposal happening just 50 meters away.

All these good vibes propelled me forward excitedly to share some songs and some “talks” with the crowd. The people were gathered for that cabaret experience of wonderful singing plus a few stories from my career.

Heading to places ???:

I kept my anecdotes PG, for the most part, ??!

I had some merchandise on hand– CDs, download cards, and T-shirts and they all sold out! I wish I’d brought more with me!

If you see me, in person, ask me about the lyrics printed on the T-shirt it’s from a very special song I wrote, Be Here. ??

?✨Download Be Here ??✨

The people definitely giggled for sure when I demonstrated the sensual and amazing ASMR vibes the tea-sipping smoothie-dripping joy of sound that is my podcast, SayconTalks.

I sang songs from my career including the shows Aida, Wicked, Rent and Secret life of Bees. I also performed music from the repertoire of one of my favorite vocalists, Miss Sarah Vaughn.

I’m surprised every time I mention Sarah Vaughn to people who don’t know her name… They know Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald, but many do not know Sassy Sarah. It’s definitely a goal of mine to bring more light to this amazing artist!

The day before the concert I went over music with the music director, Norman Williams. He’s a cool cat, I met him the previous year when I sang a few tunes.

I’d sent him the music while I was in New York but due to timing and a filming conflict in Canada I was only able to arrive the day before the show. The following day I was with the full band and the rehearsal went really well I was particularly happy to start off the morning with a green tea latte (half almond half coconut milk) ?? And a cute little mini omelette thingy from Starbucks, courtesy of Miss Denise Lee ?!

Denise even recorded an audition tape with me that same day! ? It can be stressful having ones head in so many places. I wanted to focus on the music at hand. I won’t complain, it’s nice to have opportunities. I pray for many many more– Surplus is the word this year! #Surplus

The band members were great we all seemed to really get into a nice groove that morning .

I brought a dress to wear for the concert but decided something more vibrant and new would be better. I fell in love with this pink dress as soon as I tried it on!

*I know, the front needs a little adjustment but hey it is what it is! ??‍♀️?

What an enjoyable time I had!

I really have to give a special thanks and shout out to Miss Denise Lee! She has got to be one of the hardest working women in show business! Her presence in Dallas is undeniable.

I did the show Stagger Lee with her at the Dallas theater center in 2014 and we never forgot about each other. I was pleased that she asked me to headline the festival this year. She’s a gorgeous mom and a knockout talent with a heart to match, in fact, she received an award for her service on the same day as the concert in Dallas! We sang a duet at the end of the night. Not. A. Dry. Eye. In. The. House.

I joined her in church the next day alongside her daughters.

Please enjoy more photos I took along with the videos of the rehearsal be sure to subscribe to the SayconTalks YouTube page to see subsequent performance videos from the show soon. #VintagePopsoul

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