Make-Up artist to the stars: Day Hill of Buddhaflyy

This week I reconnected with my friend Day! She’s known as a makeup artist, stylist, but she’s also an actress and writer. We attended highschool together and were in Freddie Hendricks’ YEA! As a stylist Day helped me to re-create the Vanity Six/ Apollonia Six look in my retro-music video for “Recognize”! Currently her work can best be seen all over the world as the make-up artist who gives you the ultra girly glam of hip-hop recording artist Nicki Minaj and the soft and natural look of Chili of TLC whose reality show, “What Chilli Wants” is airing on VH1. She even took time to “beat” my face for an interview I did for Liberian Seabreeze Journal I’ve included photos from that day! Tonight Nicki Minaj will be a guest on Saturday Night Live! It will be a great night, our other classmate Keenan Thompson has invited us to come hang! I’m looking forward to it. If you don’t know Day Hill, you will!

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