Saturday Night Live!

So Saturday night was a blast nostalgic, timely, and fun! Hanging out with old friends enjoying the shenanigans that can only go on backstage at SNL! Maia, David, Danny, and I spent our time hanging out in Keenan’s dressing room and watching the scene changes and set ups backstage. Security is already tight but with “the” Mark Zuckerberg on set it was extra tight. He’s so young yet so very successful, being the creator of Facebook and all! We went inside the studio to watch Nicki Minaj’s performances close up. She wore a fabulous gown for the first song: the cinderella look and a hood-colorful cat suit for part two, makeup flawless both times (shout-out Day of Buddhaflyy who introduced us to hip-hop’s newest chanteuse at the end of the show! Afterwards we partied with more folks from Tri-Cities highschool. Famously the Saturday Night Live crew attends an After-Party and an After-After Party! Good Times ya’ll!

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