Saycon Speaks on Commercial Auditions

I recently posted a video blog about commercial auditions. I received great emails about the video realizing that this is the stuff they don’t tell you in acting class or in school, or maybe they told you in school and you’re so nervous about your coming audition you’ve forgotten,  I hope to remind you of  some practical tips to help prepare you for commercial auditions. Number one being:  Just Breathe!

The number one question I received was what was your first tv commercial?

So I basically approach this topic from my own personal experience. I’m a working actor and I think it helps to get that point of view. For information’s sake I shot my first commercial in Georgia as a teenager. It was an advertisement for the Georgia Hope Scholarship and I was thrilled! That was quite a while ago. Perhaps I can find it on video… Happily there’s been a few others over the years and I look forward to more. I’ve also been in some commercial and stock photo shoots as well. Commercials are so much fun, the sets are usually pretty cool and the directors are fast thinking, fast talking, hip creative creatures. Plus the huge benefit of an intense  yet short amount of work is that it can pay pretty well, especially for a nationally shown commercial. Now I’m no expert, I’m not a model, I’m an actor so the parameters are a bit different but there are some basic things to consider for everybody going in for a commercial shoot.

1. Lay out your gear the day before

2. Clean up- shave, pluck, or manicure yourself

3. Show up early and be prepared to leave late

Watch my video for more details:

A grooming side note: HANDS:There are  moments when I regret my love affair with crazy nail art. They DO NOT want to see any of that at a commercial audition Nude, pailest pink, red, or mauve colored nails are the way to go unless the specifically ask for a goth girl look or glamour pop star character (in which case black nails or brightly patterned nails might be ok. I never regret changing my nails for an audition, but I always regret the times I wished I had… so a note for the ladies, wear a more conservative nail look and lenght on your commercial auditions.

Check out this ad I did for a grocery store I’m not a hand model but I had to hold bread, read a book, and type on a computer lots of hand closeups

a commercial shoot I did for a popular grocery store chain
a commercial shoot I did for a popular grocery store chain


In the future I’ll give more tips to looking and feeling your best,  getting over your nerves and booking the job! Well at least the things that have helped me out. Thanks for watching.




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