Halloween was fun. . .Canvassing for Obama is better!

Halloween was fun but voting will be even better!
Hello people after 3 weeks away, I’m getting back into the mix of writing this blog, “Saycon Talks”. Oh so much has happened between now and the last time I wrote. I hope everyone had a great time on Halloween, I celebrated several times. First at a charity event at B.B. Kings NY I dressed as a little devil, I even met Captain Crunch and Chewbacca from Star Wars. The next day I met with my friend Maia to to take her kids trick or treating, I’m away from my nieces and nephews and so it was fun to do that with her, this time I had a more tame leopard ears and tail! Later I met my good friend Justin for a party for some “Gossip Girl” stars. After seeing him as “Angel” in the Broadway cast of Rent Justin had a full beard and military garb dressed as revolutionary Che Guevara! At this event party goers went all out! My favorites were “Brad & Angelina” complete with babies attached to their suit and dress lapels. And I also loved “Elliot” dressed in a red hooded sweatshirt who came to the party on a bike with E.T. and Reeses Pieces in a basket attached at the front! So Authentic!!!!

I got up the next morning to join friend and poet/writer Aquaila S. Barnes and do my part to help the Obama campaign to victory in Pennsylvania! We got a rental car and with a bag of chips and Mapquest directions on hand, we set out on our journey! Like many people I didn’t know that my voice would count but I found that the people of Southwest Philly were happy to have the encouragement of individuals like our selves knocking on their doors. “Southwest Philly for Obama” was so organized, and full of vigor, I can’t help but think back to the days of the civil rights movement and the level of organization it takes to reach people and get them involved.
The feeling at the grassroots level was amazing, a video of Michelle Obama streamed over the loudspeaker and lots of information was available to help. We walked on foot as we canvassed the neighhborhood making sure no voter would be disenfranchised, providing information about rides and locations to their polling location and instructions for the voting machines in the booth. I’ll never forget meeting a super skeptical man and a newly registerd young man living right next to each other–talking with them was really deep! I look forward to Tuesday November 4th, the day that I get to cast my vote!!! Go OBAMA!!!

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