Aventures in New York: Fela the musical!

Hello Friends,

This past weekend I found myself nursing a cold when a call from an old friend came. The opportunity was here: I had the wonderful chance to see Fela the musical! Well, I tell ya I washed my face got dressed and headed down to 37 ARTs. The thing is, not only is this the story of one of my favorite musicians but my friend and *YEA brother Sahr Ngaujah was its star! This show was inspiring and brought tears to my eyes and rhythm to my gut. He did a wonderful job and all his years of creativity and world travel certainly informed his instincts as an actor. Its always good to see friends from back home. I saw not only Sahr but his beautiful wife, Ayesha, as well, they were a site for sore eyes! If you love Afrobeat you’ll love this show. It closed on Sunday but hopefully a tour or Broadway production will be in its future! Special thanks to J.Kyle Manzay for tix!

*YEA- Freddie Hendricks’ Youth Ensemble of Atlanta

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