Hair Talk: My favorite Youtube Bloggers

Hey ya’ll as you may have noticed I wear my hair in a lot of different ways from natural to straight to weaved to wigged. So I’ve decided to do a series on hair on the SayconTalks blog as well. I’m sort of an interesting chick because I have an appreciation for ALL hair types and colors. I rock with the natural folks and will turn a weave out as well so  its sort of a conundrum for those who like to separate themselves based on our hair, real, fake or otherwise. I watch a few hair gurus on Youtube, one of my favorites does not call herself a guru at all, Peakmill. But she’s great, Peakmill demos wig making and weaves and also emphasizes caring for your real hair underneath and she does makeup tips as well as OOTD (Outfit of the Day) videos and she has an African flair which I love. I recently learned about the Glamtwinz334 when I met their cousin at Southern Hospitality (Justin Timberlakes restaurant in NYC), they are adorable southern twins with great tips and oddly enough they often say the same words at the same time.  And just today I discovered Ivie011, I’m still learning about her videos but I just had to post the  one describing her hair journey. She displays her hair growth over a year and its great to see because she has the 4C natural hair pattern, a texture , like mine, that some associate as being difficult., She an example of fast growing 4C hair. It’s great to see beautiful healthy natural hair on a gorgeous girl.

As far as my own hair goes, I like to try some different styles myself. It really depends on how much time I have, I always joke that when I get Beyonce money I’ll get my hair done all the time but for now I do it myself most of the time. My hair in the interview below is sort of a ‘natural combo’ I used 4 tracks of curly hair in the top to integrate into my hair and I braided my hair upwards in the back. It was a fun protective style that I enjoyed for about a week. I later enhanced it adding more hair to the top for opening night. This is an old interview from a show I did by Katori Hall but it was me be experimental in the hair department, venturing away from wearing the same style over and over again. Don’t ask about my earring LOL.


Hurt Village Interview (natural combo updo hairstyle)

Check out links to all the video bloggers I mentioned above:

Ivie011, Glamtwinz334, & Peakmill





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