Everyday Warriors: Monica & Feeding America project

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For those of you who don’t know I was born and raised in Georgia! I have Liberian roots on my dad side but I hail from College Park, GA, Old National East to be exact! Showtay! Anyway, I currently make my home in Brooklyn, NY but I keep up with artists from back home. So, I saw College Park, GA native and R&B star Monica on Wendy Williams and I was so excited to hear about her new album and reality show and as a fan of hers it was a great interview. Years ago my friend Khalid and I would sit and sing the Boy is Mine over and over again with stereo turned up, the song blasting on repeat! Anyway, Monica is still at it, making new music and has a great cause to represent. Its called Feeding America! I was inspired by her growth and her life in terms of having dealt with so many ups and down in her personal life. She is truly an extraordinary Everyday Warrior! I want to spread the word for the holiday season that Monica mentioned how you can help feed hungry children. There’s so many children right here in America who don’t have access to food daily. Let’s all take a moment to donate today. You wouldn’t believe $1 feeds 8 people! We can put a stop  to child hunger bring awareness many kids in the U.S. go with out meals daily. Click the link below to help!

I’ll make a donation and be a child feeding warrior today!

Shout out to all the everyday warriors!

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