Saycon Sengbloh with Stephen Schwartz at the Gershwin!

Hey guys,

Its been a long few weeks as Hair is preparing for the Broadway! Lots of work and less sleep! The cast was invited to perform at an event last week that took place at the Gershwin theatre: My old ‘Wicked’ stomping grounds!It was bitter sweet but we had a great time and I spoke with Stephen Schwartz whom I hadn’t seen since the Broadway Meets Country event a few years back. The cast sang “Flesh Failures/Let the Sun Shine In” It was a cool night.

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  1. GIRL!!!

    It was not 2 weeks ago that I was telling my fiance about how fabulous some of the girls I met at Agnes Scott were. There was even this *one* girl who, when she told you she was a theater major, you didn’t smirk and think “oh that’s cute” becuase you KNEW she meant business, and was going to be huge one day.

    Then 2 days ago, I’m flipping through the February Vogue issue when BAM!!! There she is! Not merely a struggling-but-surviving actress, but a broadway star! And a star that VOGUE interviews for fashion advice!

    Congratulations mama. You make the rest of us Scotties look goooooood. =)

    -Sonia Van Meter

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