Saycon & Marty Thomas have fun in NYC!

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Its been so much fun linking with my old “Wicked” buddy Marty Thomas! As many of you know I was in Wicked for 4 years and Marty was one of the coolest people in the cast! We’ve stayed in touch all these years. I even recorded my initial idea for the upcoming single “Warrior” at his home studio. He’s been super, always supportive and hooking me up with the most fun gigs singing at various clubs and dinners, introducing me great people. He is the host of “Marty Thomas presents Diva at Industry” a popular gay spot in midtown Manhattan. I tried his Diva Gaga shades for kicks!!! I’ve had a ball singing there, testing out my new singles and serving up a little Color Purple for the nostalgia, honey! Hair alumnus Anthony Hollock was there and my friend Asantewaa and I had a ball hanging out backstage and enjoying other people’s voices, costumes, and antics!

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