Saycon from Hair on Broadway sings "Possible" available on Itunes!

Click to see Possible video
Thanks for visiting my blog and for supporting independent music! Check out the link below for my music video for “Possible”! If you like it subscribe to the Youtube channel (sengblo) or make a fun comment, let me know and send the link to your friends! Its on Itunes family! Or order the Cd on!

God Bless you all!

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2 thoughts on “Saycon from Hair on Broadway sings "Possible" available on Itunes!

  1. Hi Ms. Sengbloh,
    I am a fan of yours. I was just looking at your wikipedia article and it sayd that you went to Tri-Cities in Atlanta. That’s really cool. I lived in Clayton County in right out side of Atlanta for years and always competed against them in the one act play festival, but they always creamed us. I just want to congradulate you on your success and the itunes. Is this your first itunes track? Also cool that you got to meet Conan and Aretha Franklin. How about that? Continue the good work and hopefully one day I will see you around in the theatre world.

  2. Hello Saycon, got this link from my girl Nicole de Weever on FB, and after hearing you for the first time, I have to agree that your talent is phenomenal. I am definitely looking out for more from you as you move on up. Much succes to you. I am now officially a fan!!!
    Greetings from Silvie in St. Maarten

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