Saycon and Motown Reading #1!

As the summer approaches I’m excited to prepare for a return to Motown with a show that’s in works about the life of Berry Gordy and Motown. I had the opportunity to participate a few months ago and met some great people. Our next reading is fast approaching!
I enjoyed some great talents at a celebration and fundraiser organized by
Rebecca Covington. I met her durng the “Motown” reading and let me tell you
she’s a hardworking talent with a big heart! She recenty lost her brother, Daniel Covington, former Louisville Cardinal to
violence in Kentucky. At the show were many performers includng Eric Lajuan
Summers, Krystal Brown, Chester Gregory, and many more along with special guest
Eric Roberson who sang a song from his album and created a song based on words
suggested by the audience! It was a beautiful night for a beautiful cause! God bless Rebecca and her family!


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