President Obama: Yes We Did!

“I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!!! Obama finally took control and I think I like it!” Today was a wonderful day: the Inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama II! It was a long day full of Pomp and Circumstance and lots of Splendor and I’m sure the entire Obama family will sleep well tonight! After church, coffee with the Bush family, the Inauguration, a Luncheon, a Parade, and 10 Inaugural Balls to attend, I’m sure they are pooped. There is a long 4 years ahead of us and the country has braced itself and is enthusiastic about getting it together! My day was alot more low key, I watched the festivities on television in the morning, then went down to 125th street at the Adam Clayton Powell Building to celebrate in Harlem with the masses. Later I caught the subway down to the Martin Luther King School: Manhattan Theatre Lab., where my friend Charles Browning teaches acting there, to celebrate with his students (the children are our future by the way) followed by an impromptu toast with fellow musician, Scott Patterson of Kojomodibosun. It was a beautiful day!Yes we can! Yes we did! Yes we will!


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