Justin Johnston is Roger in Rent! Flashback:Saycon as Mimi


y good friend Justin Johnston who will be made his debut soon as Roger in the off-Broadway production of Rent! I’m thrilled because Justin and I go way back. Years ago when I first traveled to New York to audition for the show there I was nervous in the waiting room, waiting for my turn to go inside and sing and read my scenes for my Mimi audition. In the room next door was a window through which I could see the coolest dancers ever. Also peeking into the room was Justin Johnston and we watched excitedly killing time waiting for our chance to shine and we were thrilled to find out that the dancers with rehearsing for Missy Elliots latest video. We always recall this memory and years later he’s about to open as Roger! I’m quite proud. Ha! the show Rent will always be a part of me as, I got my Equity card on the national tour of Rent. Also, my current show Hurt village co-stars Nicholas Christopher who is on leave from the Off-Broadway Rent company in which he plays Collins. Check out some photos of me from the tour for the nostalgia 🙂 and check out the link to the flashback of Broadway’s various casts of Rent as showcased on Playbill.com http://www.playbill.com/news/article/158801-Josh-Grisetti-Justin-Johnston-Rashad-Naylor-Are-Rents-New-Mark-Roger-and-Benny-Starting-Jan-20

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