Fashion Week: Saycon at Mychael Knight

Things started nicely for me this week, in that I’ve been writing new songs, and
have great friends in town this week! Its pretty amazing, my girl Day Hill of
Buddhaflyy and her whole team included her business partner Keisha Mackie-Coleman came up from Atlanta to do the Mychael Knight show on Saturday night. The quality of his clothing is amazing, I hope to get something made by him asap! The show was
flawless and makeup was beautiful and the evening was so much fun! My friend
@CharlesBrowning met me at the soho event fresh from another show his cousin
Olivia was in. She’s an up and coming model, the 3 of us have been kickin’ it
since fashion week began. I won’t front, I had the ultimate fan-out moment when I
realized Trina was sitting across from me on the front row! LOL everyone knows
me for singing love songs or doing theater but I’m from the dirty south and
Trina is one of my favs! Also in the house was celebrity hair stylist Terrence Davidson, VIBE editor Daytwon Thomas, and supermodel, Jessica White, who wore the finale look on the run way. Coming up I’ll be attending Edwing D’angelo
and B. Micheal and I’m looking forward to it!

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