Irie Girl: Saycon Sengbloh & Katori Hall’s Newest Play

This week has been a ton of fun with alot of hard work. I am missing my family dearly during this holiday season so I’m sending love to Georgia and New Jersey!Thanks to Marty Gould Cummings and Anthony Hollock I had so much fun raising money for the Ali Forney Center and had a ball singing with new band members, on the same bill with Nicholas Ryan Gant, Jahi Kearse, and Roderick Covington thanks to the help of Charles Browning the show at Nectar was a success. Special thanks to Dahgrib! An announcement has also gone out regarding my participation in Katori Hall’s new play, “Hurt Village” premiering in New York in February! I’m looking forward to doing a new and challenging role and excited to work with Miss. Patricia McGregor and I can’t believe the show currently boasts 3 former students of Freddie Hendricks, Tri-Citie Highschool and YEA, myself along with Godspell’s Joaquina Kalukango and Amari Cheatom along with the awesome Tony Award winning Tonya Pinkins whom I just saw in Milk Like Sugar! This show touches on some serious topics including the treatment of U.S. army vets post war and the effects of regentrification on a southern project apartment complex and its raucous residents. It’s definitely a character that people have not seen me do. Along with that I’m thrilled to announce the Irie Girl: Saycon 2012 Calendar is now available on with photos by Asantewaa Ricks and photo editing by Anthony Stewart, set up through Cafepress. We had so much fun shooting the calendar along with promo videos! Check them out.  My hope is that this is another opportunity for followers of the music and shows can enjoy, fun to create and inspiring. I ask that friends and family please share a store link among your friends and cohorts to help support independent artists. The Saycon Online Boutique features an Everday Warrior journal and also other calendars and t-shirts that are great for making 2012 the best it can be! My prayer is that it will be amazing for you and your family! Shine in 2012!

106 & Park

Hey everybody,
Did you catch 106 & Park episode featuring Kimberly Nichole? Well it was a great episode that featured new talent and gave a platform to new artists Kimberly Nicole and K. Michelle! I was thrilled to be part of the studio audience! I can’t wait to sing on BET too one day!Kimberly turned it out singing live with her band and K. Michelle debuted her new music video. The single for the video has an interesting pic, her outfit is similar to the Southern Pin-Up cover LOL I love it!!! K. Michelle and Saycon have great taste!

Fela! Cast in the Recording Studio!

Finally, the Broadway cast of Fela! has begun recording the soundtrack to the show! After a long week of performances, we headed into the studio on our show night off to lay the vocals and live band music of the Fela!. Soon people will be able to purchase our versions of some of the most exciting songs composed by Fela Kuti! Pretty exciting, since last year I had the great opportunity to record what would end up the Grammy nominated soundtrack for the Hair revival! The Fela album is to be released in June 2010!

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Good News- The Hair Soundtrack!!!

Saycon Sengbloh shown above along with the cast of Hair Sponsored by Bumble and Bumble!

The Hair Soundtrack is available online featuring, among other’s, yours truly, Saycon as Abraham Lincolm singin’ “Four Score/Abie Baby”! I’m so excited to be featured on a cast recording of the soundtrack for the show!

Get it on Itunes and while your at it: I challenge you to buy 1 song from Southern Pin-Up the album! My favorites “Possible” or “It Was a Very Good Year” are a great place to start!



Southern Pin-Up by Saycon: Now available on Itunes

“Southern Pin-Up” is available on Itunes! The original CD release by Saycon features new remixes and everybody’s favorite soul remix: “It Was a Very Good Year!” The classically dope Frank Sinatra tune originally featured in Spike Lee’s equally classic film Jungle Fever! If you haven’t seen it rent it and if you haven’t heard Saycon’s version of the song, get thee to Itunes and go cop it imeeeediately!!!See Saycon Sengbloh play Abraham Lincoln in HAIR on Broadway!

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A Personal Message from Saycon:Southern Pin-Up

Hi Family and Friends!

Thanking you in advance for your support! Please pass this email to all the people who love independent R&B music! Copy and paste the links below to see the clip on Youtube in my own words!

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