Sasha Allen sings at Joe’s Pub

I attended a wonderful show this past week, the scene was magical. Joe’ Pub was on its feet, quiet, and breathless! Sasha Allen was singing  many classic soul hits and it was a lovely sight to behold, the silence really took hold once she had begun her tribute-medley to Whitney Houston. We sort of all held our breath not wanting to miss a note. There’ was not the usual hooping and hollering you hear at these sort of shows because the audience litteraly did not want to miss a note. Miss. Allen was in top form, wearing a simple white blouse and black pants. The vocalists accompanying her were true soulsingers, nothing background about them (among them underground soul rocktress Kimberly Nicole) were dressed to impress and the band was immaculate and lush: strings, horns, they spared no expense. later in the eveing even the vocalists Cheryl Pepsi Riley and Inaya Day aka “Jiffy” came out and did a powerhouse rendition of “This Will Be”. Wooo lawd! Their “Teflon” voices were in the house! The Musical Director, her long time beau, Rob Lewis, put together an amazing show and I was happy to be there!This was a beautiful night always a treat to hear a voice like hers and see all the wonderful Hair Broadway peeps in the crowd! It was like a reunion of sorts.

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SAYCON’s final performance at Hair!

Hello friends I have some news! I have left the Broadway production of Hair! After a wonderful turn in a show that took me from Letterman to Conan to Good Morning America and back, its now time to say goodbye! Enjoy some pics from the wonderful experience that Hair on Broadway was for me! Those hippies will be sorely missed!

God Bless!

Saycon from Hair on Broadway sings "Possible" available on Itunes!

Click to see Possible video
Thanks for visiting my blog and for supporting independent music! Check out the link below for my music video for “Possible”! If you like it subscribe to the Youtube channel (sengblo) or make a fun comment, let me know and send the link to your friends! Its on Itunes family! Or order the Cd on!

God Bless you all!

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Happy Birthday Mom love Saycon & Conan O’Brien!

What a week its been! Its my Mom’s birthday week and I’m wishing her a Happy Happy birthday traveling from New York to Los Angeles and back to New York in the blink of an eye! My self and my castmates from HAIR on Broadway had a great chance to perform on the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien… after much deliberation we boarded a private jet and flew to LA for the show! Its been exhausting the last few days but I’ve learned so much about myself during this time! I’m thankful for the experience!

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Saycon performs on Tony Awards: Hair wins Best Musical Revival!!!

Hi guys,
It’s a busy season but I must let everyone know that on the Tony Awards the cast of Hair won Best Musical Revival!!! That was an excited day and I’ve gotten so much love from friends family and fans! I couldnt be more excited! Even food poisoning couldn’t keep me off that stage!

Below are pics from the after party that evening, I hit the photo line and headed home for much needed rest! Love! Love! Love!

Good News- The Hair Soundtrack!!!

Saycon Sengbloh shown above along with the cast of Hair Sponsored by Bumble and Bumble!

The Hair Soundtrack is available online featuring, among other’s, yours truly, Saycon as Abraham Lincolm singin’ “Four Score/Abie Baby”! I’m so excited to be featured on a cast recording of the soundtrack for the show!

Get it on Itunes and while your at it: I challenge you to buy 1 song from Southern Pin-Up the album! My favorites “Possible” or “It Was a Very Good Year” are a great place to start!



Celebrate Tony Week: The Hair commercial is airing!

Sasha Allen, Cassie Levy, & Saycon Sengbloh with a fabulous Peace cake!

Hey Hey Celebrate! It’s Tony week and we’re on the air!!!

Check out the commercial for “Hair” on Broadway! If you look real hard you’ll see me in the left corner of your screen. It’s an exciting week lots of rehearsal and preparation for the Tony Awards on Sunday! Just gotta take it one day at a time!

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Miss. Sengbloh meets Aretha Franklin!

We’ve had a lot of visitors to see Hair, people have come and gone, some of them famous, some not so famous, all of them entertained but I was a bit speechless when the Queen of Soul herself, Aretha Franklin showed up! She even invited the cast to hang with her after the show! It was cool and exciting! Well until I ate something a little too spicy and had the watery eye cough for 10 minutes. Ha ha! It was a good time!

Peace Ya’ll,


Cast of Hair on Letterman

Attention people. . .here yee here yee. .. for approximately 4 minutes I danced and sang my heart out on the Late Show with David Letterman! Along with the cast of Hair we performed a combo number of “Aquarius and Let the Sun Shine In/Flesh Failures”! We rehearsed all day and hung out in the trailer and met Paul Schaffer too. It was great and my Mom and Aunty and cousins were texting me all night!

Check out the link to the Hair on Letterman youtube video below:

Check out the David Letterman show link below:

Check out the Smothers Brothers show of Aquarius 40 years ago: