Saycon and Janet’s #1’s concert!

Some fun Pics from the Janet concert a while back with Danny!It was a fun night and Iran into lots of old friends!
I’m playing catch up on some blogs and things that happened the past few months! Excited to present a memories from the Fela Broadway trip to Lago Nigeria! But in the meantime! I love Janet Jackson!
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Saycon Sengbloh and Patti Labelle in Fela!

I’m jumping for joy for what happened this year! One of my favorite singers in the world Patty Labelle joined the cast of Fela and there I was singing with Miss. Labelle every night! Everyone asks what was it like to work with Patty Labelle? She was a pleasure to work with! My favorite thing was seeing what shoes she’d wear to the theater everynight. I also made friends with her hair stylist and longtime friend Miss Norma. Norma is responsible for all those famous “Hair-doos” Patty is known for! I hope to keep in touch with Patty and her crew!


Miss. Sengbloh meets Aretha Franklin!

We’ve had a lot of visitors to see Hair, people have come and gone, some of them famous, some not so famous, all of them entertained but I was a bit speechless when the Queen of Soul herself, Aretha Franklin showed up! She even invited the cast to hang with her after the show! It was cool and exciting! Well until I ate something a little too spicy and had the watery eye cough for 10 minutes. Ha ha! It was a good time!

Peace Ya’ll,