Betty & Coretta Movie

Angela Bassett attends Morgan James Concert at 54 Below

photo by: Frederick Johnson used by permission

I’m way too excited about the new Lifetime movie “Betty & Coretta”… I only heard about it today. On a break from Motown rehearsal I went up the block to run errands was struck by the haunting photo of  Miss. Basset and Miss. Blige staring into the ethers like beautiful black eagles. I was like dayum Angela Bassett and Mary J. Blige in a movie, together! Now, I pride myself on being in the know with these sorts of things but this one completely slipped my radar.

I mean even the other night I was at Morgan James show chatting my mouth away with the Angela Bassett,  talkin’ bout Motown this and Motown that, and this fabulous diva has a new movie coming out?! We know we blactresses and blactors cannot get enough of her ever since she turned it out in her Oscar  nominated role as Tina Turner in “What’s Love Got to Do With It.” And there I am in her face, not knowing this film was underway and soon to be aired on television! I can’t be slippin’ yall! I certainly could have gotten some info about that film that night. Anyway check out this trailer  for the new movie. I’m really excited to see friend, Malik Yoba in the movie as Rev. Martin Luther King. (Shout out to cousin Qua ;)Folks are doing big things! 2013 ya’ll LET’S GET IT!



Beyond the Shade

So here it is another day blogging and catching up! Please visit the cool website it’s a site designed by my friend and web designer Christine Horn, It’s a cool site with lots of features about her life and the lives of other actresses, and the not so tall as well. I have a featured spot on there called “Saycon Says…” ,where I give handy advice to up and coming singers, actors, and dancers! Please visit this site when you get a chance!


Milk Like Sugar

Milk like sugar! Milk, milk like sugar! Finally, I got out of the house and saw the show. You know how it is when you’re waiting on something, waiting for time, waiting for people, waiting for money, just waiting to go see a show and somehow you forget because life sort of takes over and then you turn around and the show has closed already! Well that didn’t happen to me, on a whim I called my friend Nicole and we went out to see Milk Like Sugar. Tickets were available we made it happen. I’m shown above with the the cast. If you don’t know, the show written by Kirsten Greenidge, is a play about a trio of young ladies who decide to make a pact to have babies while still in highschool, the young men and friends, and mother involved in their lives . I took in this show that was deeply anxious inspired by true events and well acted by friends and cohorts. Starring the lovely Angela Lewis, Cherise Boothe and Nikiya Mathis as the three naive and scheming teenagers along with young men J. Mallory-McCree, LeRoy McClain, and the awkward friend played by Adrienne C. Moore. Milk Like Sugar is a small play that makes a big statement, its truly exciting to see all this young talent onstage and to witness the hard working cigarette smoking genius of the exquisite Tonya Pinkins as the matriarch of the piece.. On a side note my good friend and “Hair” revival cohort, Nicole Lewis and I happily found ourselves seated behind Heidi Griffiths and the ever smiling Jordan Thaler, the casting directors for the NY Public theater. They looked on us with the twinkling eyes of proud parents as the 4 of us reminisced on how casting a little 3 day 40th anniversary “Hair”concert lead to Tony award winning stint on Broadway , London and a National tour. Our memory was cut short when the lights dimmed and sound of Beyonce “Run the World Girls” theme started pumping from the speakers as the 3 highschool divas in training started us on a journey. I enjoyed the show having recently read another play by the author, and I look forward to more of her work!
Peace ya’ll,
ps- I’ve begun working on a new online boutique full of fun items to raise funds for upcoming projects look out for them and the launch of a new youtube page dedicated to all the people who’ve been bitten by the theater bug!

photo by MontanaUSA used by permission

Its official! I recently celebrated my birthday and many friends and loved ones dear to me have had birthdays also in October! But on top of all that a website was born:! Please take a moment to visit the site and bookmark it as well for the latest news, pics, and info about me!

In 2 weeks Fela! opens on Broadway and right now you can visit my new website! I’m absolutely thrilled! It came together so smoothly! I worked with to create my site they come highly recommended! I had to throw in the “windblown I’m every women pic cause that’s how I feel! Enjoy!!!

Saycon from Fela! appears in NY Fashion Week!

Above clockwise from top to bottom: Saycon on the catwalk (courtesy Brownstein & Associates) and Saycon pictured with Kali Hawk(Couple’s Retreat), The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Sahr Ngaujah (Fela!), Claudine Gumbel (producer of the fashion show), Saycon’s navy blue dress by Tart, and Anna Maria Perez de Tagle (Fame the movie)
Dreams do come true!!!I represented the cast of Fela! during fashion week at the Manhattan Pavillion. This week was action packed with a great time of beginning rehearsals and my official modeling, cat walking, heel clicking premiere! I walked in the show presented by Elle magazine, Oral B (hence the toothbrushes in the background pics). It was curated by Caravan! I met some cool models, actresses,jewelry designers, and the Real House Wives of New Jersey! One of their children walked in the show as well. I wore a hip hugging dress by Tart. Friends Tallia Brinson, Sahr Ngaujah, and Benjamin Brown were there to support and Ben and Joshua took pics. . . Enjoy some pics from the day. . Photo 1 courtesy of Brownstein and Associates and all others by Joshua Plant of

That was fun now back to hours of daily rehearsal!!! LOL

Celebrate Tony Week: The Hair commercial is airing!

Sasha Allen, Cassie Levy, & Saycon Sengbloh with a fabulous Peace cake!

Hey Hey Celebrate! It’s Tony week and we’re on the air!!!

Check out the commercial for “Hair” on Broadway! If you look real hard you’ll see me in the left corner of your screen. It’s an exciting week lots of rehearsal and preparation for the Tony Awards on Sunday! Just gotta take it one day at a time!

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Diahann Carroll

Meeting Diahann Carroll was great! She spoke about her book and her career and answered a few questions.I read her first biography after finding it in a used book store. I later found out its out of print. I love her work and so I look forward to reading this one. If you’re a fan of Diahann’s like me, let me know why, I invite you to post your thoughts on Peace ya’ll!