Saycon Sengbloh Covers I Got Next Magazine


Saycon Sengbloh covers I Got Next Magazine

Saycon Sengbloh covers I Got Next Magazine

“I Got Next” Magazine cover photography by Preston W. Dugger

Saycon Sengbloh performing live at DROM December 2013


Saycon Cast of Motown

Saycon Sengbloh & the Cast of Motown rehearse in their coats: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Photo: courtesy of Joe Perrotta

Saycon Sengbloh & the Cast of Motown rehearse in their coats: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Photo: courtesy of Joe Perrotta

Saycon Drom Dec 16th

OMG We’re going to be on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! You’ve got to watch us doing it up in the frrreeezing cold! Honey, my Mom is up to visit and all my Motown the musical people have been getting ready! So here we come!

ALSO, did you know I am going to be performing December 16th at Drom?

Visit to learn more about it!  In the meantime watch us on the Macy’s Day Parade!




Saycon Sengbloh: Motown in NY Post Sunday Fashion Special

Its been a busy few weeks.  With previews for Motown underway I have been in rehearsal non-stop as we change and tweak our wonderful Motown the Musical into perfection that will be revealed on opening night.  In the midst of that we are promoting the show and that has been fun. During the Christmas season we did several events. And just last week we did a fun fashion shoot for the NY Post featuring fun outfits for the spring. We shot it early before rehearsal one morning, a spectacular feat considering how the long the days have been. Anyway, I was excited to see the final pics and the article finally came out this past Sunday in the New York Post.  We were interviewed as we got our hair and makeup done and the writer took a few quotes from there. It was nice to reminisce about the Jacksons concert I went to as a child, and to really think about the meaning of doing a show like this. Valisia and I took some pics together, Brandon and Valisia shot some together, Charl and Brandon shot some and the 4 of us did some group shots as well. Luckily it was all about the girls in this shoot Valisia and I changed several times while the men added a hat or 2. LOL I loved the jewelry and shoes to and getting my make-up done. Valisia, like Diana Ross, somehow manages to look extra tall in her outfits! The bigger the hair the closer to God! We had a blast and headed back over to the theater for a full day of rehearsal afterwards. On our way back we stopped on the corner of 49th and gazed up at the huge Motown billboard in the middle of Time Square. Feeling pretty darn good. Get your tickets now, were selling like hotcakes.

Sepia toned glow at the New York Post. Brandon Victor Dixon, Saycon Sengbloh, Charl Brown and Valisia Lekae evoke a time gone by in 60's inspired fashion. Original photo by Anne Wermiel for the NY Post.

Sepia toned glow at the New York Post. Brandon Victor Dixon, Saycon Sengbloh, Charl Brown and Valisia Lekae evoke a time gone by in 60’s inspired fashion. Original photo by Anne Wermiel for the NY Post.

Saycon behind the scenes at NY Post studios photo by Joe Perrota

Saycon behind the scenes at NY Post studios photo by Joe Perrota





Saycon Sengbloh’s Backstage Hair Moment

Front view of Saycon hair backstageProfile Saycon Backstage Hair

Saycon's Hair backviewDuring tech week we spend alot of hours backstage  and onstage waiting as the design team sets lights and sound cues on the actors to help to bring our show to life.  I’m being constructive lol between my scenes had to have a hair moment! Thanks to Andrea for snapping pics and to Sydney for the hairspray, gotta love a good flat iron press. Who needs a hot comb?  Should I wear this style for opening night or the Tony Awards? What do you think?



Saycon Sengbloh appears as Martha Reeves in Motown the Musical

Finally, finally, I can officially say that I am performing the role of Martha Reeves in Motown the Musical. Martha and the Vandellas are a superstar girl group of the Motown era. You may not know it but every time you sing “Heatwave” or “Dancing in the Streets” you are singing a Vandellas tune. This Atlanta girl, this College Park, Georgia native is pleased to represent Miss Reeves! I met her years ago in Detroit and look forward to meeting her again. We all have big shoes to fill playing these real life music heroes in Motown the Musical and speaking for myself I definitely don’t take this lightly. We had an invited rehearsal in the studio for press and reporters to come in and check out our process and see a few scenes from the show. I really can’t wait for the audience to see our show!

Martha and the Vandellas

Martha and the Vandellas




Hair Talk: My favorite Youtube Bloggers

Hey ya’ll as you may have noticed I wear my hair in a lot of different ways from natural to straight to weaved to wigged. So I’ve decided to do a series on hair on the SayconTalks blog as well. I’m sort of an interesting chick because I have an appreciation for ALL hair types and colors. I rock with the natural folks and will turn a weave out as well so  its sort of a conundrum for those who like to separate themselves based on our hair, real, fake or otherwise. I watch a few hair gurus on Youtube, one of my favorites does not call herself a guru at all, Peakmill. But she’s great, Peakmill demos wig making and weaves and also emphasizes caring for your real hair underneath and she does makeup tips as well as OOTD (Outfit of the Day) videos and she has an African flair which I love. I recently learned about the Glamtwinz334 when I met their cousin at Southern Hospitality (Justin Timberlakes restaurant in NYC), they are adorable southern twins with great tips and oddly enough they often say the same words at the same time.  And just today I discovered Ivie011, I’m still learning about her videos but I just had to post the  one describing her hair journey. She displays her hair growth over a year and its great to see because she has the 4C natural hair pattern, a texture , like mine, that some associate as being difficult., She an example of fast growing 4C hair. It’s great to see beautiful healthy natural hair on a gorgeous girl.

As far as my own hair goes, I like to try some different styles myself. It really depends on how much time I have, I always joke that when I get Beyonce money I’ll get my hair done all the time but for now I do it myself most of the time. My hair in the interview below is sort of a ‘natural combo’ I used 4 tracks of curly hair in the top to integrate into my hair and I braided my hair upwards in the back. It was a fun protective style that I enjoyed for about a week. I later enhanced it adding more hair to the top for opening night. This is an old interview from a show I did by Katori Hall but it was me be experimental in the hair department, venturing away from wearing the same style over and over again. Don’t ask about my earring LOL.


Hurt Village Interview (natural combo updo hairstyle)

Check out links to all the video bloggers I mentioned above:

Ivie011, Glamtwinz334, & Peakmill





Chester Gregory: The Eve of Jackie with Special Guest Lillias White

ChesterGregory_Saycon_TalksOn New Years Day I ran into my friend Chester at an after hours breakfast party. We got to talking about music and gigs as we always do: good conversation, good times, potatoes were sizzlin’ on the griddle. Chester keeps the music going. So I couldn’t wait to tell you guys about his upcoming show at 54 Below on February 4th. Even at 5 in the morning, he was buzzing about his collaboration with director Da’Vine Joy Randolph, musical director Rob Lewis  and his co-writer Crystal Lucas-Perry! Chester Gregory is arguably one of the most gifted vocalists in the NYC, so I urge you to check him out if you never seen him live before. Many may have seen him recently in Broadway’s Sister Act or in one of my favorite roles, as Jimmy Early in Dreamgirls with Syesha Mercado, but his live show is definitely something to behold. With a solid and dedicated fan base, he’s got the look,  he’s knows music, and has his own brand of R&B soul . I see him as a sort of kindred spirit in music, like my friend Christine Horn too, always striving with an independent and entrepreneurial spirit. Doing the acting thing yet always being called back by the music. Delightfully we also get to see the fabulous Lillias White in a special turn as “LaVerne Baker”. I heard about the Jackie Wilson show he did a while back and never had a chance to see it so I’m looking forward to witnessing this new look at the legend. Fashion styled and costumed by the fashion master himself, Carl Ulysses I’m excited to see the look and learn more about Jackie Wilson. Ironically, on the Motown front, Jackie Wilson was one of the first artists Berry Gordy wrote songs for in his early years in the music industry. “Too Be Loved” written by Berry Gordy is one of Jackie Wilson’s classics.

SayconTalks readers and those with this link can get a discount on on ticket purchases. Using the code: Chester5

Check it out!

Chester Gregory (Sister Act, Hairspray) reprises his award winning interpretation of Jackie Wilson in the world premiere of his one man show , “The Eve of Jackie” at 54 Below on February 4th at 9:30PM.

Gregory portrays Jackie Wilson, live in concert during his final days, revealing  another side to the man “who truly gave his all and left it on the stage.”


Starring Chester Gregory as Jackie Wilson, with special guest Lillias White as LaVern Baker
Directed by Da’Vine Joy Randolph Musically Directed by Rob Lewis Written by Crystal Lucas-Perry & Chester Gregory




Saycon sings at Madison Square Garden January 21st

photo by Montanausa

Saycon jumps for joy! photo by Montanausa


Wooohoo! I’m screaming at the top of my lungs ready to rock the stadium and honor my fellow Americans with our National Anthem January 21st! Representing Motown hard! . I hope ya’ll got ya tickets already. During my Fela days I rocked the anthem for the Braves versus the Mets at Yankee stadium. For me its a day to remember! In the meantime I’m ready to see Knicks verses the Nets! Leggo!!!

Click link below for details:

Saycon Sengbloh & Scott Nevins BOND on New Years Eve

Hoping everyone had a fabulous New Years Eve, or a prayerful one, or a hell of a party night as was the case for most of New York city. I brought in the new year with my last of many performances for 2012. I was a featured performer for the Ice Ball at XL complete with James Bond theme. The handsome Scott Nevins was the host and I conjured up some Shirley Bassey for the kids. Scott and I do killer shows together and they really seemed to enjoy it. It was a pretty uneventful night until I got a the train on my way home. Why do folks just have to fight when they’ve had too much to drink? Woo I saw some craziness in the subway car next to me and the train stopped in between stations for like 20 minutes. I was like Lord don’t let me spend the night on this train I got another party to go to LOL. Well I guess destiny meant for me to make it my next destination, the New Years breakfast was yummy, and I saw lots of friends and acquaintances. Plus had an impromptu interview with Chester Gregory regarding his upcoming career moves. K.I.T. ya’ll more juice later

MJ Rodriguez and Saycon at XL Night club

MJ Rodriguez and Saycon at XL Night club

Me and Scott Nevins backstage at XL

Me and Scott Nevins backstage at XL

Saycon in her Goldfinger dress at XL New Years Eve

Saycon at XL


Fashion Week : Korto Momolu

Saycon Sengbloh and Fashion designer Korto Momolu Photo used by permission.
photos courtesy of Saycon Sengbloh

Ooooooh weee! Fashion! Fashion! Fashion! David Bowie said it best… Sometimes I have a week where I’m just fashion crazed and this was one of them! I attended he show by the fabulous Korto Momolu. The show was elegant and sophisticated, I loved it! Pics from the night are here! After waiting forever I finally got a photo with the Liberian designer, the L’s we’re making in the photo are for “Liberia!!!” The goodie bag was  amazing as well complete with hair products, jewelry, a t-shirt and a box of Cheerios!  I gotta celebrate Korto Momolu’s promotion with Cheerios to help feed local hungry! Good stuff! PS-I was rocking the colorblock craze everyone’s been into, not sure if it worked for me with the extra shiny hair but I liked the outfit when I bought it LOL. Muah!