Saycon Sengbloh’s Backstage Hair Moment

Front view of Saycon hair backstageProfile Saycon Backstage Hair

Saycon's Hair backviewDuring tech week we spend alot of hours backstage  and onstage waiting as the design team sets lights and sound cues on the actors to help to bring our show to life.  I’m being constructive lol between my scenes had to have a hair moment! Thanks to Andrea for snapping pics and to Sydney for the hairspray, gotta love a good flat iron press. Who needs a hot comb?  Should I wear this style for opening night or the Tony Awards? What do you think?



I dig Miguel

Had to share before bed, working on my new album, settling into a new show, writing a book, mad ambitious right???? what do we do each day if not what we were called to do. i write, and i sing, even if no ones watching: new musicians striving and moving pushing have inspired me. Miguel is one of them. Candles in the Sun is, to me, simple & complex. I dig it.

“Kaleidoscope Dream” is the business Its been on repeat on my Muve app

Motown Musical’s Saycon Sengbloh & Maurice Murphy @ Don Cornelius Tribute

Watching the Grammy Awards tonight has been a sweet pleasure. Its been quite a week and there’s nothing like music to heal the soul. Enjoying all this Grammy Music has me flashing back to this summer when I performed at a Tribute to Don Cornelius at Joe’s Pub with Maurice Murphy. There was a last minute cancellation and the show’s producer Amy Birnbaum asked Maurice and I to sing the Jackson 5 songs for the evening, we went over it once in sound check and hit the ground rolling. We had a ball singing the Jackson’s music and the music of Chaka Khan and Rufus too. Maurice Murphy is one of the most electrifying additions to the Motown Musical as Dennis Edwards of the Temptations, he is also one of the Broadway Boys. I hope the fans will be pleased.  I know I was certainly pleased tonight to hear of the Temptations being honorees in the Grammy Hall of Fame. Check out these videos of Maurice and I singing together, crank your volume up and enjoy!


Maurice Murphy & Saycon Sengbloh sing “Jackson 5″ in Tribute to Don Cornelius

Maurice Murphy & Saycon Sengbloh sing “Rufus featuring Chaka Khan” in Tribute to Don Cornelius

Hair Talk: My favorite Youtube Bloggers

Hey ya’ll as you may have noticed I wear my hair in a lot of different ways from natural to straight to weaved to wigged. So I’ve decided to do a series on hair on the SayconTalks blog as well. I’m sort of an interesting chick because I have an appreciation for ALL hair types and colors. I rock with the natural folks and will turn a weave out as well so  its sort of a conundrum for those who like to separate themselves based on our hair, real, fake or otherwise. I watch a few hair gurus on Youtube, one of my favorites does not call herself a guru at all, Peakmill. But she’s great, Peakmill demos wig making and weaves and also emphasizes caring for your real hair underneath and she does makeup tips as well as OOTD (Outfit of the Day) videos and she has an African flair which I love. I recently learned about the Glamtwinz334 when I met their cousin at Southern Hospitality (Justin Timberlakes restaurant in NYC), they are adorable southern twins with great tips and oddly enough they often say the same words at the same time.  And just today I discovered Ivie011, I’m still learning about her videos but I just had to post the  one describing her hair journey. She displays her hair growth over a year and its great to see because she has the 4C natural hair pattern, a texture , like mine, that some associate as being difficult., She an example of fast growing 4C hair. It’s great to see beautiful healthy natural hair on a gorgeous girl.

As far as my own hair goes, I like to try some different styles myself. It really depends on how much time I have, I always joke that when I get Beyonce money I’ll get my hair done all the time but for now I do it myself most of the time. My hair in the interview below is sort of a ‘natural combo’ I used 4 tracks of curly hair in the top to integrate into my hair and I braided my hair upwards in the back. It was a fun protective style that I enjoyed for about a week. I later enhanced it adding more hair to the top for opening night. This is an old interview from a show I did by Katori Hall but it was me be experimental in the hair department, venturing away from wearing the same style over and over again. Don’t ask about my earring LOL.


Hurt Village Interview (natural combo updo hairstyle)

Check out links to all the video bloggers I mentioned above:

Ivie011, Glamtwinz334, & Peakmill





Saycon Sengbloh stars in “Love & Squalor” short film

A labor of love coming to a film festival near you. I’m looking forward to it. Details to come but for now peep this trailer.
“Love and Squalor” a daring new short film directed by Mikal Din featuring Saycon Sengbloh , Neill Springle, Ray Christiano Irving and Aminah Wazeerud-din.

Betty & Coretta Movie

Angela Bassett attends Morgan James Concert at 54 Below

photo by: Frederick Johnson used by permission

I’m way too excited about the new Lifetime movie “Betty & Coretta”… I only heard about it today. On a break from Motown rehearsal I went up the block to run errands was struck by the haunting photo of  Miss. Basset and Miss. Blige staring into the ethers like beautiful black eagles. I was like dayum Angela Bassett and Mary J. Blige in a movie, together! Now, I pride myself on being in the know with these sorts of things but this one completely slipped my radar.

I mean even the other night I was at Morgan James show chatting my mouth away with the Angela Bassett,  talkin’ bout Motown this and Motown that, and this fabulous diva has a new movie coming out?! We know we blactresses and blactors cannot get enough of her ever since she turned it out in her Oscar  nominated role as Tina Turner in “What’s Love Got to Do With It.” And there I am in her face, not knowing this film was underway and soon to be aired on television! I can’t be slippin’ yall! I certainly could have gotten some info about that film that night. Anyway check out this trailer  for the new movie. I’m really excited to see friend, Malik Yoba in the movie as Rev. Martin Luther King. (Shout out to cousin Qua ;)Folks are doing big things! 2013 ya’ll LET’S GET IT!



Bryan Terrell Clark: Marvin Gaye in Motown the Musical

Mmmm, mmm, mmmm I was hanging on for dear life waiting for the news! And now we know, its official: Bryan Terrell Clark will be playing Marvin Gaye in Motown the Musical! Heard it from the man himself and it was confirmed by our director not to mention the repeated tweeted congratulations he’s received. Its been a longtime coming, truly you gotta go figure. To find a man with the voice, looks, talent, air, and hippie dippy heart breaking swagger of the (god-rest-his-soul) Marvin Gaye is hard to find! (wooo, I faint at the thought) but (hiccup, hiccup) here he is for all to see and enjoy in the upcoming Motown the Musical. Having been a part of the workshops for over a year and a half I’ve seen several talented young men play the part (including Isaiah Johnson, Clifton Oliver, Joshua Henry) and it has definitely been a joy to watch each of them thus far. I watched him during the last developmental stages, researching and working himself to the bone to get the spirit of Marvin Gaye and it really paid off. So I’m excited to see what Bryan will bring to the table. Being a girl in Motown the Musical ain’t easy I’m forced daily to watch gorgeous young men rehearse and re-enact the moves, and the vocals,  of the Jackson 5, the Four Tops, the Contours, and the mighty, mighty Temptations (Claude have mercy) But now to add our official Marvin Gaye to the roster, is oh too much! Enjoy!

Check out one of my favorite clips of the original Marvin Gaye rehearsing for a concert in Europe in 1981. Now mind you this clip ain’t polished, it ain’t glossy and perfect, it may be only something a musician or his mother may love but I seriously enjoy every braid, beard, and Jerry curl in this clip each time I watch it. And yes the beautiful Marvin Gaye reclined on the sofa sounds THAT good. We loved him. Not to mention the beautiful lyrics sung by poetic musician who was gone too soon.

Marvin Gaye – I Want You Lyrics @

I wonder if this song will be in the Motown show? You gotta come see our show to find out! Click here to purchase tickets!

Young African Queens of the Diaspora: a playlist for you

I dare you to broaden your minds! Young African Queens of the Diaspora are here! Well, the latest playlist that is! Listen to something new for a minute or 1 hour :) In support of indie artists and musicians everywhere and divas of the African diaspora: English speaking, Spanish speaking, and those of various African or European languages are all on this short list together.  I put a new Youtube playlist together to listen to while I write.  Actually, many of the artists added to this playlist are not new, many of them have a huge following outside of the US but if you’re anything like me you may find yourself listening to America’s top 40 constantly and just might enjoy listening or learning about other artists you haven’t heard before. So I went on a search on Youtube, this playlist consists of what I’ve found. Start listening now!

Now not to confuse or leave anyone out this 1st list consists of female artists who are new to me and perhaps new on the landscape of music in the last few years, I could of course populate a list with beautiful queens like Angelique Kidjo, Miriam Makeba, and Celia Cruz. But this list is something different. Please hit me with more names of artists who fit this title I learn something new everyday and look forward to hearing from you guys. The Ask Saycon page is there for questions.  Click the link to listen while you work. As a kid I’ve always had a fascination with maps imagine all the musicians of the African diapora making music throughout the world and check out a list of names below:

Rand McNally World Map

Click this map to start the “Young Queens of the African Diaspora” video playlist!


Peep the names listed below:





Tiwa Savage

Abena Koomson

Elasea Dougla

Fatoumata Diawara




Christine Horn

Shingai Shoniwa ( of the Noissetes)

Suzanna Lubrano

Emeli Sande


Saycon Speaks on Commercial Auditions

I recently posted a video blog about commercial auditions. I received great emails about the video realizing that this is the stuff they don’t tell you in acting class or in school, or maybe they told you in school and you’re so nervous about your coming audition you’ve forgotten,  I hope to remind you of  some practical tips to help prepare you for commercial auditions. Number one being:  Just Breathe!

The number one question I received was what was your first tv commercial?

So I basically approach this topic from my own personal experience. I’m a working actor and I think it helps to get that point of view. For information’s sake I shot my first commercial in Georgia as a teenager. It was an advertisement for the Georgia Hope Scholarship and I was thrilled! That was quite a while ago. Perhaps I can find it on video… Happily there’s been a few others over the years and I look forward to more. I’ve also been in some commercial and stock photo shoots as well. Commercials are so much fun, the sets are usually pretty cool and the directors are fast thinking, fast talking, hip creative creatures. Plus the huge benefit of an intense  yet short amount of work is that it can pay pretty well, especially for a nationally shown commercial. Now I’m no expert, I’m not a model, I’m an actor so the parameters are a bit different but there are some basic things to consider for everybody going in for a commercial shoot.

1. Lay out your gear the day before

2. Clean up- shave, pluck, or manicure yourself

3. Show up early and be prepared to leave late

Watch my video for more details:

A grooming side note: HANDS:There are  moments when I regret my love affair with crazy nail art. They DO NOT want to see any of that at a commercial audition Nude, pailest pink, red, or mauve colored nails are the way to go unless the specifically ask for a goth girl look or glamour pop star character (in which case black nails or brightly patterned nails might be ok. I never regret changing my nails for an audition, but I always regret the times I wished I had… so a note for the ladies, wear a more conservative nail look and lenght on your commercial auditions.

Check out this ad I did for a grocery store I’m not a hand model but I had to hold bread, read a book, and type on a computer lots of hand closeups

a commercial shoot I did for a popular grocery store chain

a commercial shoot I did for a popular grocery store chain


In the future I’ll give more tips to looking and feeling your best,  getting over your nerves and booking the job! Well at least the things that have helped me out. Thanks for watching.