Saycon in Elijah Bland’s “For the Record” Music video

Today is the debut of the music video for Elijah Bland’s single, “For the Record” I’m so excited to share this music video with you! Elijah Bland is an R&B artist who makes that soulful sort of music you listen to with your boo and a nice drink in your hand! Check out the music video for his single, “For The Record” co-starring yours truly, Saycon . Yes, folks I’m a video girl LOL but no worries its a lovely display of black love! Happy to represent. I’ve been back in the lab working hard on my music as well. The Howlin’ peeps will hopefully be pleased when my single, “Everything” is released,  gotta make sure its right and can’t put a rush on the music you know? In the meantime we will be preparing the crowdfunding perks that my contributors are to receive for their contributions to funding my music project! Please keep your eyes peeled for updates via Indiegogo and also in your email boxes as well, don’t want anything to go to your spam or junk folders. Thanks again and please enjoy! ” For the Record” by Elijah Bland. Also see me in Motown on Broadway singing live!



Watch Saycon & the cast of Motown on the Tony Awards!

What a world-wind this weekend has been. I’ve been work-shopping on a new show in development,  and I’ve been doing Motown the Musical at night! But on top of all that I had the wonderful opportunity to perform on the Tony Awards along with my fellow cast mates! Motown the Musical received 4 Tony Award Nominations! Watch us perform  on the Tony’s below:


Watch the Cast of Motown on Good Morning America

We have officially opened and I can’t wait to share my personal photos from opening night but to recap leading up to it I last wrote about preparing form Good Morning America! Well now we’ve done it and it was amazing. I’ve been busy spreading the word about the Music Campaign but I just had to share this link! Better late than never! LOL Many have seen it already but in case you missed it here is the cast of Motown on Good Morning America! Click! Click! Click photo or copy and paste link at the bottom!

Click Here to Watch on ABC!


Saycon Sengbloh, Rebecca Covington, & N'kenge performed as Martha Reeves, Betty Kelly, and Rosalind Ashford also known as "Martha & the Vandellas"

Saycon Sengbloh, Rebecca Covington, & N’kenge performed as Martha Reeves, Betty Kelly, and Rosalind Ashford also known as “Martha & the Vandellas”

Copy and paste this link into your browser:

Motown Musical’s Jason Webb: Musician Composer Extraordinaire

Jason Webb Pianist Composer Arranger

Jason Webb is one those people that takes you by surprise, a quiet unassuming presence, a peaceful rock even  in a room full of turmoil. But don’t let that fool you, he is quietly taking the NYC music scene by storm one project at a time and his latest is “Love Lead the Way” presented by the Brooklyn Tabernacle choir. “Love Lead the Way”,  a record he produced just debuted at #5 on the iTunes gospel chart! Jason Webb co-wrote half the album and orchestrated as well.

Click here to download LoveLeadtheWay on Itunes

I’m excited to work with Jason on my first full length album release, Howlin’. My history with him started on Broadway and we are fast becoming friends, (his house parties are amazing) and he has been a part of many amazing shows but I’m  filled with pride when I think of the work Jason Webb has been a part of this year! He has indeed been a part of history read below:

 America’s Inaugural Choir

Proud. It’s certainly not a big enough a word to describe my emotion on Inauguration day 2013, I was preparing for the day ahead, watching the Inauguration ceremony when I looked up and saw Alicia Olatuja, one of NYC’s most  beautiful vocalists, in the middle of my television screen,  her mezzo-soprano voice filled my speakers. I did some recording at her home studio in Brooklyn a while back and had just seen her over the holidays so her bright eyes were a pleasant surprise. But then it all clicked in my head and I remembered the project that Jason Webb, my neighbor and associate musical director of Motown the Musical has been working on. For the last few weeks Jason had been burning the midnight oil  for many days helping to perfect the music that would come to represent the U.S.A.  on one of our finest days.  The 2nd inauguration of our 44th president, Barack H. Obama. As a part of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir Jason shines in music production arranging, and vocals  and I’m so proud to know him. I’ve worked with him on several productions including The Color Purple the musical, and also a reading of The First Noel a beautiful soon to be produced holiday musical he co-created as a commissioned work at the Classical Theatre of Harlem. I love working with Jason he is a force behind the keys and in front of the mike bringing out the best in every musician and singer he works with. He’s one of NYC’s up and coming musicians to watch, his hands have blessed a lot of projects from gospel to theatre. Visit his website  to learn more about him.

Click here to download the recording of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” as performed on Inauguration day


Click here to Watch the Brooklyn Tabernacle performance again and relive the magic of Inauguration Day






Motown on Good Morning America

Tune in today Thursday April 4th, 2013 from 8:30- 9:00 AM to see myself, Saycon Sengbloh  and the exciting cast of Motown on Good Morning America! I’m looking for everyone’s support on this one! I’ll be singing and appearing as Martha Reeves singing Dancing in the Streets along with Brandon Victor Dixon as Berry Gordy! Also the cast will be featured along with Ryan Shaw as Stevie Wonder, and Jesse Nager, Donald Webber Jr., Ephraim Sykes, Julius Thomas III, Jawan Jackson appearing as the Temptations. Martha and the Vandellas are Nkenge, and Rebecca Covington! Check us out! Plus stay tuned for the Crowdfunding campaign for Howlin music!

Saycon as Martha Reeves


Saycon Sengbloh: Motown in NY Post Sunday Fashion Special

Its been a busy few weeks.  With previews for Motown underway I have been in rehearsal non-stop as we change and tweak our wonderful Motown the Musical into perfection that will be revealed on opening night.  In the midst of that we are promoting the show and that has been fun. During the Christmas season we did several events. And just last week we did a fun fashion shoot for the NY Post featuring fun outfits for the spring. We shot it early before rehearsal one morning, a spectacular feat considering how the long the days have been. Anyway, I was excited to see the final pics and the article finally came out this past Sunday in the New York Post.  We were interviewed as we got our hair and makeup done and the writer took a few quotes from there. It was nice to reminisce about the Jacksons concert I went to as a child, and to really think about the meaning of doing a show like this. Valisia and I took some pics together, Brandon and Valisia shot some together, Charl and Brandon shot some and the 4 of us did some group shots as well. Luckily it was all about the girls in this shoot Valisia and I changed several times while the men added a hat or 2. LOL I loved the jewelry and shoes to and getting my make-up done. Valisia, like Diana Ross, somehow manages to look extra tall in her outfits! The bigger the hair the closer to God! We had a blast and headed back over to the theater for a full day of rehearsal afterwards. On our way back we stopped on the corner of 49th and gazed up at the huge Motown billboard in the middle of Time Square. Feeling pretty darn good. Get your tickets now, were selling like hotcakes.

Sepia toned glow at the New York Post. Brandon Victor Dixon, Saycon Sengbloh, Charl Brown and Valisia Lekae evoke a time gone by in 60's inspired fashion. Original photo by Anne Wermiel for the NY Post.

Sepia toned glow at the New York Post. Brandon Victor Dixon, Saycon Sengbloh, Charl Brown and Valisia Lekae evoke a time gone by in 60’s inspired fashion. Original photo by Anne Wermiel for the NY Post.

Saycon behind the scenes at NY Post studios photo by Joe Perrota

Saycon behind the scenes at NY Post studios photo by Joe Perrota





Saycon Sengbloh appears as Martha Reeves in Motown the Musical

Finally, finally, I can officially say that I am performing the role of Martha Reeves in Motown the Musical. Martha and the Vandellas are a superstar girl group of the Motown era. You may not know it but every time you sing “Heatwave” or “Dancing in the Streets” you are singing a Vandellas tune. This Atlanta girl, this College Park, Georgia native is pleased to represent Miss Reeves! I met her years ago in Detroit and look forward to meeting her again. We all have big shoes to fill playing these real life music heroes in Motown the Musical and speaking for myself I definitely don’t take this lightly. We had an invited rehearsal in the studio for press and reporters to come in and check out our process and see a few scenes from the show. I really can’t wait for the audience to see our show!

Martha and the Vandellas

Martha and the Vandellas




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Liberian-American Covergirl: They Say! I Say! We Say!

Photo by Phylis Kwentoh used by permission

Hey family please check out the new digital magazine and blog, “They Say, I Say, We Say” dedicated to Liberian fashion, future, and politics! I’m on the cover of the November issue.

Click to see the magazine and article here (remember to click the link in the new window) :theysayisaywesay-second-issue2

Check out the direct link to the They Say I Say We Say magazine website!