Aramide A. Tinubu Visits Set of Ernest Dickerson’s Latest Feature Film ‘Double Play’

This fall my life took a huge turn when I found myself shooting a movie with the esteemed: Ernest Dickerson! Its based on the classic “Dubbelspel” novel by Frank Martinus Arion, it is called DOUBLE PLAY! Many people didn’t know I had left the country for nearly 2 months! It was during the final weeks of my off-Broadway production of Eclipsed. There were rumors about why I left and crazy silly articles online but I’m here to tell you, I had the best reason to take a short break from my play, a lead role in the new Ernest Dickerson feature film, DOUBLE PLAY! Well I am finally back in the states, going to Broadway in February, and of course looking forward to the film coming out but until then stay on the look out for small peeks into our process! Journalist Aramide A. Tinubu came to visit us during our final weeks in Curaçao and it was a cool experience the article was posted on Shadow and Act!. READ! READ! READ!

Left to right: Isaach De Bankole, Dana Campbell, Saycon Sengbloh, Ernest Dickerson discussing to mustache or not on the set of Double Play

Left to right: Isaach De Bankole, Dana Campbell, Saycon Sengbloh, Ernest Dickerson discussing to mustache or not on the set of Double Play

Click here to read the article! Writer Aramide A. Tinubu was among several writers who came to visit us during our adventure in Curaçao!

VINTAGE POP SOUL w/ SAYCON @ 54Below in NYC Aug 13th

What a year its been so far! What a journey, I’m excited to share some new music with you all as I prepare my concerts for my 54 Below debut. Earlier this year I was  seen in the show  Holler If Ya Hear Me which featured the music of Tupac Shakur  and Motown the Musical in the heart of Times Square on Broadway. Also I’m featured along with the cast of Fela the Musical in the Sundance documentary, Finding Fela Any of you who may want to see more of me get to know the voice and personality behind the actress, come out to hear me sing some of your favorite songs in my own way and some just as you like them( lol). Songs from my theatrical career and songs I wrote as well, with a tasty meal or drinks and desserts to boot! My Instagram moniker is VintagePopSoul and I decided to name the show that because they all exist within me. Thanks for all the well wishes on this year’s success I remain grateful! Mark your calendars now Gmail users!

Saycon at 54 Below Aug 13th and Aug 29th

Excitedly, I have also released the 2nd single from my forth coming album, the song is called “Everything” and you can download it on iTunes and Googleplay !Download Everything by Saycon online now

*photos by Kat Hennesey
*Cd cover graphics Mojo Visual

Saycon Sengbloh stars in “Love & Squalor” short film

A labor of love coming to a film festival near you. I’m looking forward to it. Details to come but for now peep this trailer.
“Love and Squalor” a daring new short film directed by Mikal Din featuring Saycon Sengbloh , Neill Springle, Ray Christiano Irving and Aminah Wazeerud-din.

Saycon filmed "Prince of Motorcity"

As I reviewed my pics from the summer of love (HAIR), I came across some shots taken while in Detroit. For a couple of days I left “Hair” rehearsal at the Public theatre (with permission of course) to film the pilot, “Prince of Motor city.” Described online by the Futon Critic as:”A drama pilot about a Gothic family soap inspired by “Hamlet” that centers on Billy Hamilton (Warren Christie), a young Harvard philosophy professor forced to return to Detroit to take over the family’s auto company after his father’s death.” It starred Daniel Zacapa, Aidan Quinn and Rutger Hauer, “Friday Night Lights'” Benny Ciaramello. My scenes were with Benny (pictured above) who was not at all excited to work with me lol. Since my co-star was pretty ufriendly I spent lots of time chatting up the the DP (director of photography) John S. Bartley, who sat with me during lunch for a chat, he actually worked on a New Zealand or Australian production of Hair ages ago! In “Prince of Motor city” I played “Roz”, a fun and flirty girl who works in the Hamilton Motor’s factory.
The show was cool because they took real cars and tricked them out to perfection to create a realistic new brand of car from the show’s car brand “Hamilton Motors”. I wish ABC would pick it up already! But there will certainly be more shows in the future!

Welcome to SAYCON TALKS…ATL "Flashback Ya’ Dig"

Hello World I’m Saycon Sengbloh and this is my very first entry on “Saycon Talks” . . . I’m a resident of blogland now and it feels so good!
Its a typical day in New York City and I’m missing the “A” so I had to pop in the 2006 DVD “ATL” starring Tip ‘T.I.’ Harris to get a little taste of home. This fun flick has it all: nick names like “New-New”, rollerskatin’, and Waffle House give me that feeling!!! Ya’ll know what I’m talking ’bout! It’s a special thing to be from College Park, Georgia, and I’m proud to represent. Antwon “Big Boi” Patton of Outcast makes a wonderful turn as the neighborhood villain in this feature film produced by Dallas Austin and Will Smith. Featuring “Skate Choreography” by music producer and family friend Vaughn Newton. The film takes me way back! My neighborhood skating ring was called “Skate Town” and for those of you who don’t know, skating rinks present a lifestyle that’s both family friendly and flirty too with lot’s of good music. Even the elementary school would give us coupons to get in on Wednesday nights. Yes, yes, ya’ll, the kiddies got to skate too! We spent many a night chasing boys and trying to be cool in the skating ring. Oh how I miss the good old days. For those of you who know me as an actress, singer, entertainer this blog will be a place to learn more about the happenings in my life and goings on in my mind!!! I’ll discuss everything from music, theatre, film, and fashion, to politics, love, and culture. I call this blog a “Flashback Ya Dig” because those skates were hot!!! ‘ATL’ director Chris Robinson did a great job. Friends and fans hold tight we’re getting pics and video and stuff on here and you’ll soon have access to it all and links to my latest ventures.
I hope you enjoy reading as much as I look forward to writing!
Luv ya’ll,