Move Girl, Move


Hey friends! Its been a while and so much has changed! Some of you who follow my YouTube channel know that I moved! Yes, really, I moved–I moved, girl, I moved ??‍♀️! I recently relocated to an entirely different city and relocations can take a lot of time and effort. Especially for someone in a … Read moreMove Girl, Move

Saycon VintagePopSoul & The Dallas Cabaret Festival

In late August on the penultimate eve of hot girl summer, the sexy warm heat and tender sunset was a perfect backdrop, for VintagePopSoul. I sang on this balmy evening alongside the shores of White Rock Lake at the Bathhouse Cultural Center. That afternoon before the show began I witnessed a small group of women … Read moreSaycon VintagePopSoul & The Dallas Cabaret Festival

My Personal Uniform: Minimalism & Celebrity

*Apologies if photos appear sideways in your browser. We are working to fix this issue. Try to view on a different browser or device!??‍?* ?It is true that when it rains it pours I found myself attending several amazing events in one week, yes, in one week. Being the un-famous actress that I am there … Read moreMy Personal Uniform: Minimalism & Celebrity

Saycon Sengbloh: Fox’s The Passage

In case you missed it last week I appeared on the Fox television show The Passage as Jeanette Bellafonte the mother of a little Amy Bellafonte the beloved heroine of the series. I got a lot of love on Instagram and Facebook much thanks to friends and family! I filmed that episode in Atlanta and … Read moreSaycon Sengbloh: Fox’s The Passage

Set of Ernest Dickerson’s Latest Feature Film ‘Double Play’

This fall my life took a huge turn when I found myself shooting a movie with the esteemed: Ernest Dickerson! Its based on the classic “Dubbelspel” novel by Frank Martinus Arion, it is called DOUBLE PLAY! Many people didn’t know I had left the country for nearly 2 months! It was during the final weeks of my off-Broadway production of Eclipsed. … Read moreSet of Ernest Dickerson’s Latest Feature Film ‘Double Play’

Happy Birthday to me!

Greetings all! Sometimes I dread it, or I usually get too busy, or caught up to celebrate my own born day! I’m working on changing that, as I am very thankful for life! So Happy Birthday to me!  My mom and family will see me in a great show tonight and for that I am … Read moreHappy Birthday to me!

Actresses Unite: Saycon Sengbloh, Lupita Nyong’o, Zainab Jah, Pascale Armand, & Akosua Busia

New York City will get its chance to see Danai Gurira’s play “ECLIPSED”, uniting a group of actresses who’s passion and talent is exceptional. Making its NYC debut on my old stomping grounds, the Public Theater. Join me this fall as I join these beautiful actresses in a play that explores the treacherous lives of several women during the Liberian civil … Read moreActresses Unite: Saycon Sengbloh, Lupita Nyong’o, Zainab Jah, Pascale Armand, & Akosua Busia

Marley Opening Night Photos: Baltimore Centerstage

We opened Marley at Baltimore Centerstage: A World Premiere: MARLEY Take a look below and enjoy some shots from my opening night party! Let me know if you like them with comments below!  I found my dress here in Baltimore and loved it sooo much I even added flowers to my hair later in the … Read moreMarley Opening Night Photos: Baltimore Centerstage